Spoiled, Selfish Congressional Dem Women Pretend Suffrage


sub-buzz-2159-1465929206-3A group of Democrat Congresswomen attempted to make an impression in the House chamber Tuesday night for President Donald Trump’s first  a joint session of Congress.

Like giggling pre-pubescent girls, they decided to all dress alike… but in white, like Suffragettes of the late 1800’s.

It was an epic fail.

What’s a Suffragette?

The Suffragettes wanted the right for all women to vote. “Deeds, not word,” was the motto of the Suffragette movement.


Today’s Women in Congress are elected by men and women alike, and actually write and vote in new laws.

Suffragettes went to prison where many refused to eat and went on hunger strikes.

Women in Congress enjoy a base annual salary of $174,000.

Suffragettes chained themselves to Buckingham Palace to bring attention to their cause. American suffragettes were arrested time and again for protesting and picketing at the White House.

Women in Congress enjoy up to 239 days off each year.

The suffrage movement during the war suspended their protests for the sake of national unity –  a commendable move which also proved that the women were quite rational and reasonable.

Democrats in Congress held a day-long sit-in proteston the House floor over gun control in June. The sit-in eventually drew 170 Democrat lawmakers, at least half of them were women.

See the problem? Where’s the suffrage by today’s spoiled, petty elite women in Congress?

Congress is viewed less favorably by the average voter than hemorrhoids, dog poop, cockroaches, lines at the DMV, and, herpes. The egotistical women in white protesting some obscure “suffrage” looked like a piteous group of mewling crones.

Where’s the Suffrage?


The move for women to acquire the vote started in 1897 in England. “Suffrage” meant the right to vote, and that is all that women wanted.

In America, 1848, Lucretia Mott, Martha Wright, Mary Ann McClintock, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Jane Hunt met in New York and held the first women’s rights conference in the Western world.

These women were pioneers, and worked diligently for many years to gain the right to vote in elections.

Because of these women, the Nineteenth Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution with the decree: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

I’ve long said liberals are narcissists, largely because they very often have a rather tenuous grip on reality, and a hypersensitivity to perceived criticism. And everything they don’t approve of is a personal criticism. This past presidential election is proof; the left is currently having a collective toddler tantrum over losing the election to Donald Trump.

Stupid, Stupid Stunt

The stunt by the Democrat women in Congress of wearing white to feign suffrage was incredibly insensitive and narcissistic.

These white-wearing spoiled and pitiable women in Congress should consider spending more time discussing the commonalities in our American history which bring us together as a country, rather than focusing obsessively on gender, racial, transexual, political, and class differences, solely meant to divide the country.


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