Political Journalist, Saucy Cynic, Quintessential Analyst.

Never a Stenographer.


 Katy Grimes is a longtime political journalist, analyst and writer. As Senior Correspondent for the Flash Report, Katy covers the California Legislature and state agency politics from the State Capitol.

For the last 10 years, Katy has worked as an investigative journalist, political columnist and news reporter for The Sacramento Union, the Pacific Research Institute’s CalWatchdog Journalism Center, and The Flash Report.

Katy currently also writes for Canada Free Press, Legal Insurrection, Frontpage Mag and Reagan Baby. She has been published in the Orange County Register, the Flash Report, Cal News, California Political News and Views, Fox and Hounds, Human Events, and Watchdog.org. She was a regular columnist for The Sacramento Union, and has written for the Washington Examiner, the San Francisco Examiner, the Sacramento Bee, Fox News, and the Business Journal.

Katy contributed the chapter on Crime in California to James Lacy’s Taxifornia 2016.

Katy has also been an influential political blogger since 2004, and can be heard on many talk radio shows throughout California. Katy fills in as a talk radio host for Sacramento radio shows.

These days, it’s easier for people to re-tweet slogans to describe how they feel – Katy is the type coming up with those slogans. She’s an original in an increasingly postmodern, self-referential, un-original world. Whether or not you agree with her politically isn’t the reason to read her blog; it’s how she says what she says that makes you compelled to go back,”—Ryan Rose, Managing Editor, The Sacramento Union.

A California native, Katy lives in Sacramento with her husband Terry. Her son is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, now a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.


Katy and Terry at the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel


Katy and Terry, Istanbul, Turkey

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