California Voter Registration: Numbers Don’t Lie

Despite California’s leftist media, a recent poll in California shows Gubernatorial candidate John Cox within single digits of Gavin Newsom, Joel Pollack recently reported at Breitbart. “It is the second poll in California to show Cox within single digits of Newsom — though the Democrat is shown to have passed the crucial 50% mark, and the poll suggests Cox may struggle to overcome Democrats’ registration advantage,” Pollack reported.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 4.18.20 PM

“Republican businessman John Cox has surged in the race for California governor, trailing Democrat Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom by only 7.4% in the latest KFI-NBC poll, conducted by Thomas Partners Strategies,” Pollack reported.

Newsom is about as popular as Hillary was during the 2016 election. Anecdotally, I hear from Democrats and Republicans how unpopular he is. However, Democrats will reluctantly vote for him. Others will quietly cross over and vote for Cox.

Let’s look at voter registration numbers… According to the California Secretary of State, the California Political Party Statistics as of  September 7, 2018 are:

Eligible To Vote               25,176,403
Registered                        19,086,589 = 75.81%
Democrat                           8,349,565 = 43.75%
No Party Preference        5,105,351 = 26.75%
Republican                        4,676,247 = 24.50%
American Ind. Party           494,183 =   2.59%

Registered Democrats, with 8.4 million voters may be the largest party registration however, should Republicans, No Party Preference and American Independent vote together, for say governor, that’s 10,276, 081 voters. While that may be silly, NPP voters are there for a reason – they are unhappy with both major parties, as well as the Jungle Primary, and want their voices heard.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 4.13.28 PM

The KFI-NBC poll also notes: “Republicans have eclipsed Democrats in their levels of enthusiasm beyond the margin of error this week. Lastly week the enthusiasm was high on both sides but was tied within the margin.” Among Republicans, 79.0% said the election was “very important,” compared to just 73.7% for Democrats.

San Francisco Stupidity

Many voters in California are worried John Cox may struggle to overcome Democrats’ illegal alien voter registration, along with dead voters still on voter rolls.

Following the passage of a 2016 ballot measure enabling illegal aliens to vote in local school board elections, the city of San Francisco recently spent more than $300,000 on  registering illegal aliens to vote in the November 6th election.

The clincher… the city only registered 49 illegal aliens, or $6,326 per sign-up, according to a recent article by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Strategist John Thomas added:

It is fascinating to see Republican’s enthusiasm remain highly charged post Kavanaugh confirmation. Make no mistake, both sides are charged up but Republicans are taking a clear lead this week in enthusiasm. If these numbers remain high going into November this might just be enough to help the GOP hold some of the Orange County congressional races.


One thought on “California Voter Registration: Numbers Don’t Lie

  1. “Newsom is about as popular as Hillary was during the 2016 election.” Doesn’t the popular vote determine the who wins a political race in the state? Hillary had a sizable lead in the national popular vote but lost due to the electoral college.

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