SPEECH: DEPLORABLES dinner, Tea Party Caucus, CA GOP


HELLO DEPLORABLE CONSERVATIVES! How are you tonight? Other than living in this leftist hell-hole, I can hardly wipe the smile off my face every time President Donald Trump Tweets.


Sen. Anderson just gave you legislative insight


I was asked to give an outside-looking-in view of the Capitol. It’s DEPLORABLE! That’s what deplorable is — wretched, contemptible.


But first, I want to you to hold on to to an important thought: WE ARE THE FACE OF CALIFORNIA – – not Kevin de Leon, Gavin Newsom, Governor Jerry Brown is not the face of California.


I want to take your on a little experiment: Imagine you have just moved to Sacramento, California from Shady Valley, Tennessee, Ashby, Nebraska, or Gillette, Wyoming (85.1% Conservative voters) – three of the most conservative cities in their states, and being a civic-minded person, you visit your new state Capitol and from the gallery, observe the State Assembly and Senate.


This is what you see and hear:


  • State Senator Ricardo Lara threaten, “WE WILL FIGHT YOU IN THE STREETS” if any of California’s unconstitutional immigration laws are overturned by Republicans or the Trump administration.


  • Democrat Assemblyman Marc Levine (of Marin County) introduce a bill to require educating California students about Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.


Levine’s an inflammatory guy: recently said A national immigration policy staked in deporting millions of Latinos is “Ethnic cleansing.”


  • You’d see Republican Senator Janet Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant whose family fled communist Vietnam, get dragged off the Senate floor for daring to say the late Sen. Tom Hayden was a communist sympathizer.


  • Senate President Kevin De Léon and Capitol Democrats disparaging President Donald Trump while glorifying De Leon’s bill, SB 54, to create an border-to-border sanctuary State in California, protecting criminal illegal aliens from deportation.


  • De Léon recently admitted in a Senate hearing that“half of his family” is residing in the United States illegally and with the possession of falsified Social Security Cards and green cards – a federal offense. At what exact point in American history did it become perfectly acceptable for an elected official to admit publicly that “half” of his family has committed numerous federal crimes including multiple counts of identity theft and falsification of federal records?


The word “ILLEGAL” HAS NO MEANING ANYMORE, when it sits in front of “alien” or “immigrant.” Besides being illegal, this is WRONG. It is wrong for people to cross our border illegally and without permission, and steal the identities of American citizens, take jobs Americans need, flood school districts across the U.S. with more than 95,000 “unaccompanied alien children”

now entitled to an education in the U.S. Flooding the US healthcare system, and social services.


You’d see and hear:

Senator Richard Pan introduce a Child and Youth BILL OF RIGHTS – A Government attempt to replace parents which among other things declares that “all children and youth” have the right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest.

Who decides what is in the best interest of your child?

  • This bill is nothing more than a direct assault on parental rights that must be stopped.


You would hear and see:

  • A bill by state Sens. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego)and Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) introduce a bill to establish a new gender marker for official state documents for transgender, intersex and other people who do not identify as male or female. Meaning you get to choose what you want to be on your birth certificate and drivers license.


  • Atkins’ reasoning? “It will keep California at the forefront of LGBTQ civil rights,” — not that there is any real need for this.


  • Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) announce a ballot measure to create a California estate tax if President Trump and Congress repeal the federal estate tax.


  • You would see Democrats also introduce two other bills to create a state program to fund lawyers for illegal aliens facing deportation, and a bill to create taxpayer-funded  training for defense attorneys and public defenders on immigration law for illegal aliens.


  • White, Asian, and Black guys in prison can wait their turn for an overworked public defender, while those who broke federal laws to come to California illegally are to receive special legal help paid for by the taxpayers, to avoid deportation. Go figure.



I’d like to be able to assure you that these bills are unusual, but they are not. The Democrat supermajority in the Capitol promised they would do everything imaginable to advance their leftist agenda. And they are.


Just three years ago when the illegal aliens where being bused in to Southern CA and dumped off everywhere the Governor said “we can’t do anything about that because immigration is controlled by the Feds, we can’t change those rules.” Well today these same lawmakers and the governor are telling us that was a lie and they will do whatever they want.


As more proof that DEMS do what they want:

Less than four weeks after California voters passed  Proposition 54, the Public Display of Legislative Bills 72 hours Prior to Vote – ballot initiative – Democrat lawmakers rammed through two resolutions hours after turning them in. And these aren’t any resolutions – both demand that President Donald Trump withdraw “a mass deportation strategy” of illegal immigrants.

Trump never said he was going to employ a mass-deportation process; Trump said he would deport criminal illegal aliens.


It’s also important to note that in California, providing education, health care, law enforcement, and social and government services to illegal aliens and their dependents costs Californians $25.3 BILLION per year, according to a 2014 study  by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.


I am telling you this to demonstrate how California Democrats treat our laws – they have disdain for the rule of law, the State Constitution and the US Constitution.

Leftists have learned not to look for the intent of the law but to use the law as a weapon to destroy enemies.

Democrats treat the Constitution as a plaything from which to extract whatever outcome they want. Sadly, the Democrat Party has never been a force for good in this country.



As one final example of this, the these radicals in the Senate have introduced three bills to uphold the HORRID environmental rules and regulations imposed by Barack Obama and his radical EPA.

SB49, by de León and Sen. Henry Stern, D-Canoga Park (Los Angeles County), would make current federal air, climate, water, worker safety and endangered species standards part of state law.

SB50 by Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, would give the State Lands Commission the right of first refusal if any federal lands in the state are proposed for sale or transfer. Allen said the bill would prohibit county recorders from recording a deed of transfer unless the State Lands Commission verified that the state was first offered the land or allowed to find its own buyer.

SB51 by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, would extend whistle-blower protections to federal lawyers, engineers and scientists who are working in California. The bill would also direct state environmental and public health agencies to preserve information or data, even if federal authorities order it to be censored or destroyed.

“It is shocking to me that we need to pass legislation to protect science,” Jackson said. “Science is there to provide us with facts and realities from which we make policies, not the other way around.” Well our state infrastructure is in shambles, our finances are in complete disarray, California is challenging Venezuela for lost liberty, we apparently don’t know which bathroom to use, but boy we lead the world in irony supply. If these lawmakers had a shred of integrity or honesty and actually followed science, we’d have very different rules.


Lastly, California is one of just four states where Democrats have control of the governorship and both state legislative chambers – with Republicans holding the bulk of power in a record 33 states. The remaining 13 states have split governance.


As for the secession initiative: a government of a state or the governor of a state cannot take away a citizens right to be a citizen of their or our United States.
Meaning, many citizens of California wish not be part of a secession. They therefore have a right to be a Californian and a US citizen. That is the law.
The majority of elected people cannot take away the rights of the people who wish to remain, because we are a representative republic of the United States of America.


SO THERE. As you can see, the Democrats in the Legislature are frothing at the mouth radical leftists:

  • There is no governing taking place
  • The DEMS are primarily using their elected offices to pass bills favorable to their donors and special interests.

What’s next? Buckle up – there are 700 spot bills awaiting whatever Democrats want to pass.


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