Sacto Police To Get Guidance re: Shooting from Berkeley. Really.

Jospeph Mann, a 50-year-old, mentally-ill black man, armed with a knife and showing violent, erratic behavior, ran toward Sacramento police officers in July before he was shot by police from about 15 feet away. Several witnesses said they thought he also had a gun, but police did not find one.
Feckless Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, promising “police reforms,” instead of ways to reduce crime, formed yet another worthless commission made up of feckless city council members, who with members of Black Lives Matter, will go to Berkeley this Friday to talk with Berkeley commissioners to see what they’re doing.
Yes, I said Berkeley. Not Oakland. Berkeley.
Such unbridled relevance and brilliance!
In the city of Sacramento neighborhood of Del Paso Heights, which has been a ghetto since I was a kid in the 1960s and 1970s, the victims are disproportionately young black males, just as in Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Watts, and every other violent city in America, run by Democrats. Del Paso Heights in Sacramento is one of the most violent areas of the city.
The Mann family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit and a claim against the city charging that officers “confronted and aggressively pursued” Mann when they should have worked to calm the situation. Because police can tell the difference between a non-violent knife-wielding crazy guy, and a violent knife-wielding guy.
Maybe his family should have gotten him treatment, and kept him away from weapons.
There were many comments on the Sacramento Bee story, but this one sums it up best:
STOP that crazy armed ghetto fool before he slashes someone. Criminal Black males need to stop carrying knives and guns, stop defying the Police, stop luring Police into dangerous situations, stop the hustle and game with our Police. Just like OJ trial, black folks in general seem to just go along with this. The Mayor should instead demand immediate changes to the black mentality with Police. The nonsense, the defiance, the preponderance of violence. That’s the real problem. That rabid, crazy, armed fool had to be stopped. This was handled correctly. The Street was cleaned and Trash taken out. Good people continue on in their lives.

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