If the people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand the difference, and choose their news sources accordingly. 

Thomas Sowell


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Megan Barth

“Trust but Verify” is a motto that I hold dear as a political analyst and writer.  For the record, I don’t consider myself a journalist, as I hold an outward bias towards the destructive policies, tactics, and rhetoric of Regressives Progressives.  My website is named Reaganbaby because I was inspired, at a young age, by the common sense conservatism and leadership of Ronald Reagan.  Therefore, I sacrifice my objectivity on the altar of supply side economics, free markets, fair trade and conservative principles—principles based in capitalism, smaller government and the spirit of the individual, rather than the group- think mentality of the collective.

As a conservative woman, and Trump supporter, I am now “black-listed” by conservatives in the media and equally vilified by those on the left. The vilification by leftist Alynskyites is expected, but the McCarthyism by fellow conservatives, employing Alinskyesque tactics, is surprising, disgusting, and welcomed.

As a conservative poker player, I love “Tells,” and the Tells in this political poker game are those found in the journalists/reporters in the  #NeverTrump movement who have sacrificed their credibility, integrity and objectivity for their “cause.”

As a “Trust but Verify” conservative, I hold opinion until I have enough facts—a hybrid of research, experience, common sense and patience. As the facts have unfolded around the incident with Corey Lewandowski and Michelle Fields, I can verify that I don’t trust Michelle Fields.

According to Michelle Fields, these are the facts “in her own words:”

I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down

I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance…

The Washington Post’s Ben Terris immediately remarked that it was Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who aggressively tried to pull me to the ground.

Campaign managers aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground, no matter the circumstance.

I hope this article answers those questions and I can get back to reporting the news, not being a part of it.


I have watched this video more than the Zapruder film, and in not one frame is Michelle jolted backwards or yanked down.  In not one frame does she nearly fall to the ground. In not one frame does it show an aggressive attempt by Corey to to pull her to the ground. In fact, as he touches her arm, she barely breaks her stride in her quest to “report the news.”

When these allegations were made, Corey responded that he didn’t know her and called her delusional.  I can’t disagree with his psychological assessment based on these statements made “in her own words,” the corresponding video, and her long history, her pattern, of making similar accusations during her various jobs as a “journalist.”  With the history of abuse that Michelle has claimed to suffer, the only police report filed was against Corey Lewandowski.  Telling.

Corey didn’t know Michelle, so an objective person could surmise that he was protecting his boss from an unknown person who purposefully, on at least two occasions in the video, touched the presidential nominee with an object in her hand. According to my credible sources, who have recently retired from the Secret Service, Trump is receiving more death threats than any republican candidate in decades—as is hisfamily.

If Michelle Fields was a credible threat, Corey Lewandowski could have suffered the same fate as James Brady.

If the Secret Service had touched Michelle,  would we even be having this conversation?

No.  We would not.

Yet, there are plenty of conservative media types and “journalists”  who want to keep this conversation alive, who need to keep this conversation alive, and who will gain more publicity and political clout the longer this story remains the lede.

In one hand, these conservatives wave the constitution to champion their conservative credentials. In the other hand, they shred the constitution through their collective demands for Donald Trump to fire Coreybefore he has his day in court on May 4.

If this is the new movement in Conservativism, one which: reveres the likes of Liz Mair and Rick Wilson, employs fascist tactics and Alkinkyite rules to smear a capitalist, his wife, and his supporters, sides with violent leftist mobs instead of championing the first amendment, and denounces due process in order to provide a safe space for a prima donna like Michelle Fields, count me out of this movement and put me on that black list.  I will stick to the conservative principles guided by common sense and the wise words of Ronald Reagan: “Trust but Verify.”


Katy Grimes

Since when do Republican women play the victim card? Michelle Fields’ assault charge against Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski smells like a load of BS and a con. Fields even wrote an article claiming she was thrown to the ground. Then she wasn’t.

“I never sought to be part of the story,” Field’s writes, in a Breitbart story titled, “Michelle Fields: Her Own Words.” Her giant photo at the top of the story counters this statement.  “I hope this article answers those questions and I can get back to reporting the news, not being a part of it.” Really?

And now 16 other “conservative” female media personalities have come out in support of Fields, in a letter delivered to the Trump campaign Wednesday.

quick interview with a candidate

“The photographs, audio, videos, and witness accounts documenting the treatment of Michelle Fields by Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, are inexcusable and unprofessional. Donald Trump should immediately remove Lewandowski from his campaign,” theywrote.

The note is signed by Dana Loesch (Radio America, Blaze TV); Katie Pavlich, (Townhall, Fox News); Meghan McCain, (America Now Radio, Cosmopolitan, Fox News); S.E. Cupp, ( New York Daily News, Glamour, CNN); Mary Katharine Ham, (CNN, The Federalist); Christine Rosen, (New Atlantis, Commentary); Christina Hoff Sommers, (American Enterprise Institute), Bethany Mandel, (The Federalist, Acculturated); Emily Zanotti, (American Spectator); Elisha Krauss, (AM 870 The Answer); Karol Markowicz, (New York Post); Kristen Soltis Anderson, (Washington Examiner); Mona Charen, (Ethics and Public Policy Center, Creators Syndicate); Sarah Rumpf, (freelance); Brooke Rogers, (National Review); and Mary Chastain, (Breitbart), according to Newsmax.

When some of the best and brightest conservative media personalities in the country have chosen to put politics ahead of truth, and turn a normal political press event into a statement of their own victimhood, it is time for the American media-consuming public to ask some serious questions about the veracity of their work. Are they journalists, pundits or campaign advocates?

Many of the 16 letter writers are openly supporting Ted Cruz. ‘Ted Cruz connected the dots against Trump’, S.E. Cupp’s February headline reads. Mary Katharine Ham said, “Trump’s Jabs Are His Entire Brand.” Dana Loesch has endorsed Cruz. Meghan McCain said Ted Cruz “is the thinking man’s Donald Trump,” and has also endorsed Cruz. “Ted Cruz, Be the Anti–Donald Trump,” Mona Charen wrote.  Tweeted: “Unwanted and unwelcome touching is battery. If she was scared, it’s a crime.”

I am a reporter and journalist and have been in the thick of many gaggles of journalists, elbows, cameramen, elbows, politicians, more elbows, and staffers. I’m only  5’4″ so most people at these press events stand taller.  Press events are called “scrums” for a reason – it’s a Rugby term. Scrums are claustrophobic, chaotic, and people are aggressive, pushy, one dimensional. I get a lot of elbows in uncomfortable places. I’ve been bumped so hard by a cameraman that I careened down into a chair (fortunately).

Journalism isn’t for the victim types, or for reporters who whine about not being “called upon to ask a question during the televised press conference,” as Fields complains.

Journalism also isn’t for liars. The Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment through ethical journalism is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. “An ethical journalist acts with integrity,” SPJ says.

As for endorsing political candidates, the Society of Professional Journalists warns journalists “to remain free of associations that may compromise integrity or damage credibility; Disclose unavoidable conflicts; and Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting.”

Fields has a book coming out in June. Prior to this drama, not many people even knew her name, so maybe it’s “Mission Accomplished” for Michelle Fields.

For additional analysis on this, Mike Cernovich at Danger and Play  has been brilliantly documenting Fields’ accusations and charges since the event.

Megan Barth is the founder and proprietor of ReaganBaby.com and a nationally recognized political commentator.  She has appeared on NewsMax TV, One America News Network, America Trends with Dr. Gina, The Blaze Radio, and has regular weekly appearances on a variety of nationally syndicated radio shows.

Katy Grimes is an investigative journalist, Senior Correspondent with the Flash Report, and Senior Media Fellow with Energy and Environmental Institute. A longtime political analyst, she has written for The Sacramento Union, The Washington Examiner, Watchdog.org, The Pacific Research Institute’s CalWatchdog, The San Francisco Examiner, The Business Journal, E&E Legal, The Sacramento Bee, Legal Insurrection, Canada Free Press, and Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette, and can be heard regularly on many talk radio shows each week.




  1. I’m not a Trump supporter at present. But Katie is spot on with this one.

    In every event requiring crowd control, there is frequent bumping, shoving, & other contact. There must be hundreds of such incidents at every Trump rally. The fact that Corey can’t remember all of them shouldn’t be a big deal, especially one as minor as the incident involving Michelle Fields.

    Radio host Hugh Hewitt said he got manhandled when he covered a Hollywood red carpet event. The same is true at concerts when star-struck fans & reporters try to get close to rock stars.

    The video shows Corey re-directed Michelle away from Trump while she was aggressively trying to approach him. Corey kept Michelle from getting her 15 seconds of fame by asking Trump a question, so she created a new moment in the spotlight–this time even longer than than her coveted 15 minutes. (But it could turn out to be Rosie Ruiz like fame.)

    Michelle may be like Henry Louis Gates, who got his feelings hurt when a Boston police officer didn’t recognize him. Mr. Gates thought he was a well-known celebrity & couldn’t believe there was anyone in America that didn’t know who he was. Michelle may think that Corey should have recognized her as a famous Breitbart reporter & closed off the crowd to the others while she got an exclusive interview with Trump.

    If Michelle doesn’t like the realities of her profession, she needs to find another. Perhaps writing press releases in a quiet office for a tech company like Apple or Google would suit her better.

  2. You should talk to Laura Mahoney to gain insights into what is happening at the State Board of Equalization. Laura is a Bloomberg BNA reporter that covers its hearings. lmahoney@bna.com

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