Ignorant Media Blames Israel For Defending Against Hamas Rocket Attacks

The Palestine/Israel conflict is unfortunately historic. But most of the news media has done a lousy job of containing their hatred for Israel and Jewish people, despite the attacks by Hamas, the internationally recognized terrorist organization that has fired nearly 2,000 missiles into Israel during the past two weeks and more than 11,000 since 2005, according to the IDF.



Since I went on a 3-week trip last year to Turkey and Israel, I regularly read news from the Middle East, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

I am astounded just how biased and spiteful the American media has become. Are many in the media just tired of tamping down their hatred of Jews and Israel?

Where does this hatred come from? Influential columnist Charles Krauthammer, whose family is Jewish from the former Soviet Union, says it is ‘rank ignorance’ which is so pervasive in media covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

U.S. media outlets have very harshly covered Israel as the Jewish state battling the Palestinians.

Many Americans are dumbstruck by how the media is treating the conflict, especially given that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. They ignore that Hamas started the conflict, and claims Israel has no right to exist. 

Throughout the latest conflict, media coverage has solely highlighted the deaths of Palestinian women and children, with nearly all media outlets ignoring that Hamas uses schools and hospitals to store weapons, and even fire rockets from these civilian-laden caches.  Hamas uses civilians as human shields to get positive press coverage, while Israel houses most of its population in underground bunkers, during rocket attacks. 

Small Sacramento Newspaper exemplifies Israel hatred

Here’s one example of a tiny newspaper in Sacramento, the Sacramento News and Review, weighing in on Israel and Palestine with the ‘ignorance’ Krauthammer discusses:

“But after eight years of lopsided warfare between Israel and Hamas, shouldn’t the world realize by now that there will be no military solution in the Holy Land?”

“But a cease fire of course would actually save lives for the time being. So let’s hope that President Barack Obama and world leaders pressure Israel to stop all air attacks and a ground-troops invasion.”

“The recent Israeli air assault on the Gaza Strip, the fourth such operation in recent years, will happen again.”

Fortunately, a Sacramento resident and local lobbyist replied:

Don’t lay all blame on Israel

Re “Holy mess” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, July 17):

Nick Miller writes, “The recent Israeli air assault on the Gaza Strip … will happen again … if the world doesn’t convene and engage on meaningful issues such as the blockade, the settlements and the embargoes.” These words clearly lay all of the blame for the recent Middle East conflict on Israel with nary a meaningful mention of Hamas, the internationally recognized terrorist organization that has fired nearly 2,000 missiles into Israel during the past two weeks and more than 14,000 since 2005, when Israel completely withdrew its military and all settlers in the hopes of exchanging land for peace.

Who would Miller blame if rockets were being fired into Sacramento, the Bay Area or Los Angeles, and if the United States acted to defend its citizens? It is Miller’s hope that world leaders can “pressure Israel to stop all air attacks and a ground invasion”? My hope is that the same world leaders can pressure Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel and stop building tunnels with concrete that was supposed to be used to build houses for its citizens. We all hope for a cease-fire and the end to the loss of all lives. Unlike the previously proposed cease-fire, let’s hope Hamas will accept the next one.

Barry Broad

president, The Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region

Mr. Broad not only brought the conflict into perspective, he brought it into homes in Sacramento. How would we react if we were under attack? Probably not any different than Israel.

In April, “Secretary of State Kerry actually warned Israel that they need to meet Palestinian demands for peace. He even told them that if they did not make these compromises, the Jewish nation would become an ‘apartheid state,’” Downtrend reported

“If there’s no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon, Israel risks becoming an ‘apartheid state,’ Secretary of State John Kerry told a room of influential world leaders in a closed door meeting Friday.

Krauthammer responded:

“If there is one minority in the Middle East that enjoys the rule of law, and protection, and democracy, it is Arabs in Israel,” he continued. “One out of every five Israelis is a Palestinian. Overwhelmingly, they’re Muslim. There are Arabs in the government, in the Supreme Court, in all walks of life, in the universities. There’s actually affirmative action if you’re a Palestinian in the universities. And to compare that, in any way, with the systematic discrimination against black Africans in South Africa is truly appalling and hurtful.”



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