State Worker 101 – Class Teaches How to Land State Job

Did you know there are more than 3,000 current job openings with California? Jobs with benefits and the chance for advancement.

Did you know that during the state’s $25 billion deficit there’s a class you can take which teaches how to land one of those jobs? A local Learning Exchange course called “Get a State Job” answers all kinds of questions, but it raises a few big ones too.

Sacramento’s CBS13 reports on the story here.

Jon Coupal with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association argues three thousand open jobs is too many, “This is probably the number one driving force behind the problems California faces with its current budget….Government is not held to the same standard as the private sector.”

Governor Brown’s realignment proposal does call for a 25% reduction in the state workforce.  However, the Administration has yet to provide any details on when and where those cuts will take place.

The reality is that the state’s government is here to stay, even if it gets leaner.  The number of state jobs that could be cut is still vague, though there is one count from the Employment Department that shows 4,500 executive positions eliminated.  The governor won’t confirm specific numbers.


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