State Senator Tom Harman Pushes for Off-Shore Drilling as Budget Remedy

California, after years of fiscal upheaval, confronts yet another deficit of $25.4 billion in the current and coming fiscal year, larger than the entire budgets of most states.

Governor Brown has proposed a budget that would eliminate a $25.4 billion deficit using a mix of program cuts and higher taxes. The plan assumes that voters will agree to extend tax hikes, providing the state an additional $9 billion to $11 billion annually through 2015. 

A year ago Californians were evenly divided on the tax question. Now the Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds 72% of voters reject raising taxes, that number puts the mere premise of Governor Brown’s proposal in jeopardy.

Senator Harman (R-Huntington Beach) believes there is another way to mend California’s recurring budget deficit. In a recent interview on FoxNews by host Stuart Varney the Senator discussed California’s budget and the prospect of expanding off-shore drilling as a way for the state to generate revenue.

Click the image below to watch the video:


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