California Redevelopment Officials Attempting A Budget End-Around

As noted at the CL Project, part of Governor Jerry Brown’s Redevelopment plan is the elimination of California’s Redevelopment Agencies. Now, in an effort to beat Gov. Brown’s budget clock, redevelopment agencies across California are jump-starting hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects. One, in Citrus Heights, even met on a holiday to approve the spending.

The Sacramento Bee’s Brad Branan, the Chronicle’s Marisa Lagos and the Long Beach Press’ Paul Eakins take a look.

From Branan: “Los Angeles approved $930 million in projects, while Fremont signed off on up to $140 million in work, and Citrus Heights authorized about $60 million for redevelopment.”

“Riverside County expects to discuss $155 million in redevelopment projects today. Redevelopment advocates said the votes are a reasonable defense against what they call Brown’s unreasonable proposal. Public employee unions that expect to benefit from the governor’s plan called the decisions deceptive and shortsighted.”

From Lagos: “Why does it matter? Well, Gov. Jerry Brown wants to eliminate the 60-year-old, $5 billion a year program as part of his plan to close the state’s $25.4 billion budget gap. Under the proposal, the state’s 390 redevelopment agencies would disband July 1, and any money that hasn’t already been committed to a project would flow back to cities, counties and school districts.”

“That’s right: under Brown’s plan, if a redevelopment agency has already signed a contract or issued a bond, the project in question will keep the funding. So now, it looks like some local officials want to do an end run around the governor’s grand plan. This is sure to set up some interesting fights both in Sacramento and around the state.”

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