Tea Party Express Rolls Through Sacramento

On August 28 from noon to 5pm thousands of Californians will once again march on the Sacramento Capitol as part of the Tea Party FlagCowboymovement to protest a government they believe has spun out-of-control and is infringing on their freedoms and overburdening industries which compose the very fabric of California; mining, construction, ranching and farming.

Since Democrats took control of Congress and the White House, conservatives, independents, libertarians and disaffected democrats have become increasingly vocal opponents of the policies they see as growing government spending and power. They’ve taken to the streets in growing Tea Party rallies to decry the stimulus, last year’s bank bailout, the current health care reform efforts and debate over cap-and-trade energy legislation.

Now the Take Our Country Back PAC, has joined forces with the Tea Party movement to organize a 16-day national tea party tour, taking their small-government message to towns all over the country. Two 45-foot buses will snake their way across America, conducting a series of 35 tea party beginning in Sacramento Aug. 28 and ending with a “March on Washington” Sept. 12.

Although Tea Party participants started out as a group coming together to protest wanton government spending and taxes in general, the group is beginning to pick targets, like health care reform and ecologic law blocking business. At the August 28th rally in Sacramento the theme is simple: “March on Sacramento, Save California from Big Government Eco-regulation.”

Thousands of farmers, ranchers, loggers, miners and others from across the state will gather from noon to 5pm to speak out against policies, such as AB 32 a law passed in 2006 that will impose more greenhouse gas emission limits on businesses beginning 2011.

Rally speakers will also target decisions to protect the Delta smelt with waters that are no longer going to San Joaquin Valley agriculture. Tea Party members allege it is reducing state food production and forcing families to lose farms.

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