Local gas prices sneaking back up again: $.18 in two weeks

Gasoline prices are creeping back up after declining steadily for about three months.  Gasoline prices have been moving up quickly around the country over the last few months, putting us back up to the highs of last summer. If gas-prices-upyou’re feeling a sense of deja vu, yes, it’s true, something similar seems to happen every spring. There has always been a strong seasonal in gasoline prices, with prices highest in the summertime when demand for gasoline is highest.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, Sacramento-area prices inched up a penny Monday, and more than 18 cents during the past week, a much-brisker pace than the national average, according to a report released late Sunday.

Sacramento’s average gas price is $3.03 cents, compared to $2.85 a week ago and the same a month ago. Last year, the nation was dealing with near-record-high gas prices, with Sacramento at $4.01 for regular unleaded. Sacramento-area’s record-high is $4.57 reached June 17.

Nationally, the average price at the pump increased 16 cents to $2.77 per gallon during the past two weeks, according to energy analyst Trilby Lundberg in Camarillo. Charleston, S.C., had the lowest price at $2.38, while Honolulu has the highest at $3.07.


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