CA Budget Update: Read-out of Steinberg and Bass press conference

Late this afternoon, Senate President Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, and Assembly Leader Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles held a press conference regarding the continued budget standoff.

Following is a short hand transcript from the Steinberg and Bass press conference this afternoon regarding the budget:


wanted to give you an update. 10 mins ago the senate sent down two bills to gov. One was budget bill that contains cuts and the other was one time revenue bill. Those bills will package of 3 bills in question would amount to 22 billion. We hear gov plans to veto. Going to everything we can to avoid losing 3 bill in solutions and solve deficit.

Speaker and I met with gov this morning to figure out how we resolve the all or nothing scenario in which we lose the 3 billion. We sent down letter to gov that committed to sending gov package of reform solutions over the next 60 days and would take action on them by August 30th. Restructuring medi-cal, eligibility for public assistant programs, bill to reduce fraud in IHHS. We had no formal response from him. His strategy still all or nothing. Comes down to one key issue — whether or not we cut the safety net in CA to the bone.

Yesterday gov’s office media alternatives. Unacceptable. In IHHS he proposes to remove level 3 recipients. Those people need physical assistance to bath. In Cal WORKs, 25 million people won’t get job training. In Cal grants 22,000 second chance students wouldn’t get grants. The price is too high. There are other options even with taxes.


the bills we are sending down today do not include taxes. If we get votes for the 3 bills in the senate, on his proposals, and solves our majority vote proposal then we have solved the problem. 6 billion in damage if he doesn’t sign. Proposal would go into affect a little bit later. IHHS- we passed out two bills that address fraud. We are serious about it. But we need gov to take action.

Stein: also if we lose these cuts then maintains factor kicks in. If gov signs 3 bills he doesn’t lose ability to negotiate. Still have 20 something bill problem to solve.

Q: Not sending tax bill to gov?

Stien: No.

Q: no oil or tobacco tax?

Stein: no. Indep contractor Withholding and acceleration

Q: Prop 1A borrowing?

Bass: No. That takes 2/3rds.

Q: If gov says he’ll sign then will sen reeps put up votes?

Bass and Stein: Yes.

Q: How do you know?

Stein: we know

Q: Any chance of solving whole thing today?

Stein: no. Gov wants to make more cuts to health and human services areas than we are willing to do.

Q: what about healthy families?

Stein: don’t agree with gov alternative one that.

Q: how do you get to 24 without elim safety net?

Bass: we don’t cut as deep.

Stein: we are willing to talk to administration about Prop 1A.

Q: not possible to have solution tonight?

Stein: no. Not a drafted solution. We can work on framework.

Q: strategy for tonight?

Stein: get back to senate floor. 3 bills will go on call.

Bass: asm is recess but we’re ready to go back if needed

Q: hope of getting sen reep votes without gov?

Stein: there is always hope


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