In Honor of Those Who Serve

Those of us at the Sacramento Citizen would like to recognize and thank those brave souls who have given their lives for the cause of freedom.
At the very first official Memorial Day, held in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery, Union general John A. Logan said the day was “for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country.” With those words, the thousands of spectators who had gathered that day spread out across the then-much-smaller cemetery to do just that.

For many Americans, Memorial Day marks little more than the start of summer. It’s a day off to mow the lawn, go to the pool or grill in the back yard with family and friends.

But it’s no holiday for America’s best. Memorial Day will find our troops fighting terrorists and other enemies of freedom around the globe. Therefore on May 25, let us take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices that members of our military make every day. The Department of Veterans Affairs maintains 128 national cemeteries in 39 states. Visit this link to find a cemetery in your state. Leave a flower on the grave of a soldier known or unknown to you. Take your children and explain the meaning behind this important national holiday.

On this day, we express our gratitude to those who have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  Your commitment and sacrifice for our country is more than appreciated, it is revered. Because so many have given so much, the United States faces a bright future of freedom and prosperity.

God bless you!


One thought on “In Honor of Those Who Serve

  1. Section Sixty
    The Saddest Acre In America

    Men and Women buried here
    Who gave their all for you and me
    In Iraq and Afghanistan
    So that, others, might be Free.

    Row after row of headstones
    Where friends and families grieve
    They pay respects and say a prayer
    There’s some, don’t want to leave.

    Some will place a memento
    For their Hero, neath the ground
    And far too often, during the day
    Hearing “Taps”, a mournful sound.

    The white stones bear their Name
    Rank and Branch and conflict Served
    The dates of Birth and Death
    And the Citations, they deserved.

    Maybe, a symbol for their Faith
    Something, etched above their name
    But no matter what, their beliefs
    They’re all treated just the same.

    Once, Comrades in Battle
    And now, resting neath that stone
    Forever with, those other Heroes
    So, they will never be alone.

    Section Sixty, just a small part
    Of this sacred, hallowed ground
    But, each plot a special place
    Where, a Hero may be found.

    They all are in good company
    Two hundred sixty thousand souls
    Buried here at Arlington
    Some young, with unfulfilled life goals.

    All Served our Country selflessly
    And they all deserve our praise
    We should, remember them and thank them
    Not just, only on, these holidays.

    Del “Abe” Jones


    Started with a group of twenty-five
    In the year of twenty-eight
    By those who’d lost a Son or Daughter
    From the wartime’s cruel fate.

    When the Blue Star on the Service Flag
    Was replaced with one of Gold
    Everybody knew a Mother grieved
    With a loss from that household.

    “Out of tragedy, we were formed”
    And, “Out of love we continue.”
    This legacy of Gold Star Mothers
    With the heartache, that they knew.

    They use the memories and love
    Of those who gave their all
    To help those other Veterans
    Who answered our Nation’s call.

    It’s so sad, they still exist
    And most likely always will
    As long as, we go to war
    There’s a need they must fulfill.

    Del “Abe” Jones
    Their observance day is the last Sunday in September.


    There’s too many Gold Star Families
    Their numbers growing every day
    Too much to ask those loved ones
    Such a terrible price they pay.

    All will say they are very proud
    That their loved one knew the cost
    That in the horrors of Wartime
    Precious lives are sometimes lost.

    But the death of a brave Hero
    In the Service of this Land
    Dying for some other country
    Is oft times, hard to understand.

    “In the name of Freedom!”
    “For the good of fellow man!”
    “To put an end to oppression!”
    Or, sometimes some other plan!

    There have always been those Souls
    Who will rally to the battle’s call
    Who will bear those deadly arms
    Who will march and sometimes fall.

    Some will just bear the wounds
    Though, not always clear to see
    Some will never return the same
    As the people, they used to be.

    But the ones who have that void
    Of that hole in heart and mind
    They are the greatest Heroes
    That we can ever hope to find.

    Maybe one day in our future
    Peace will be the way we’ll live
    But until then we’ll have those
    Who give all they have to give.

    Gold Star Families stand in front
    And shed their tears of loss and pain
    And as long as Man goes to War
    We’ll see them time and time, again.

    Del “Abe” Jones

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