Soak The Rich

With the Obama administration determined to expand government under the guise of “jobs” and “stimulus,” more than ever, America is divided between the contributors and working, productive members of society, and the takers, welfare, entitlement folks.
Being “rich” according to America’s leftists, is anyone who operates a small business, drives a nicce car, lives in a nice house… or works in the private sector. A ‘rich” government employee is just fine with leftists. They ought to feel right at home in California, where our fire fighters make $114,000 annually, and thousands of State Workers make more than $300,000 annually, and the private sector is shrinking. Obama is creating a permanent welfare state of mindless fembot followers, while Conservatives are desperately trying to get out the message that providing for yourself is far more rewarding.
Finally, statistics are being revealed to prove that high-tax states are losing 1,100 residents everyday, while low-tax states are enjoying an 89% increase in jobs. Duh? Do you think there is some connection?
Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer wrote a fantastic article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich:”
It is a must-read and a must pass-along! And please, send it to college aged kids. We’ve got to end the entitlement mentality.

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