Cal Chamber Releases Annual Job Killer List

The California Chamber of Commerce has released their annual “Job Killer” list.  The 2009 list highlights 29 legislative measures that represent what the Chamber calls a ”threat” to California’s recovering economy.

Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth commented, “the Cal Chamber is exposing bills that are most harmful to California’s economy.  We must stop any legislation that causes job losses.”

The Chamber releases a list of bills annually they believe would decimate job growth in California.  Among the bills on this year’s list are new health care taxes, rollbacks of workers’ compensation reform, limits on affordable housing and development, restrictions on the use of voter-approved transportation funding, and a tax on freight movement.

President of the California Chamber of Commerce, Allen Zaremberg noted that there is no more business as usual with unemployment exceeding 11 percent and burdensome regulations unique to California which adds costs for business and harms the economy.

Zaremberg said “Legislators must make job creation their top priority.  A robust private sector economy will provide our state government with sufficient resources for a quality educational system and the public safety services we deserve.”

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